About Sam 

     If you haven't gathered already, my name is Sam Price. I'm a 23 year old photographer and videographer based in the awesome town of Ulverston in the Lake District. I have recently returned* to my home town after studying Photography BA (Hons) at Salford University. 


*Ultimately I think I missed the smell of muck spreading.

Because I think photographs are so important, I want clients to come away with something more than a CD full of images. I love the tactility of prints, slides and vintage methods that have been somewhat lost. Combining the accuracy and speed of digital with the sentimental, physical and ornamental aspect of analogue is a huge motivator for me. 

I photograph and film variety of different subjects but my work revolves around people. I love finding out what drives someone and what stories I can help them tell. Be it the couples big day or a social media push for the local community centre, every person involved has something to say. I have worked with care homes, finding out about the lives and memories of both the staff and the patients. I have worked for a young designer - to document her completing the "big 4" fashion weeks - in Milan. Taking home a new understanding of the industry, the collective vision of the designer and the individuals that support that. 







Another big passion for me is music. My first steps in professional image making was through my company (Technoir) specialising in live session recordings for bands. learning how to shape and work with continuous light means I work seamlessly between motion and stills based image making. I take inspiration from across the art spectrum, most noticeably from cinema. Creating kinetic and cinematic images that are filled with colour, depth and most importantly, a story.​

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